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Unity Chaplains

A Unity Chaplain is a Unity member trained to offer confidential prayer support.  The program used at our church is based on the Chaplaincy Program constructed by Unity Minister, Lei Lanni Burt, Unity of Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona Centre of Practical Christianity.

How Do I Use the Services of a Unity Chaplain?

Sunday Chaplain Services

Each Sunday following service, chaplains are available to pray with you in the prayer room.  Whatever you ask for in prayer will be held in strictest confidence.  Chaplains on duty wear a blue chaplain's badge for easy identification.

Monthly Wellness Calling

With their permission, church members receive a monthly call from their chaplain.  The same chaplain calls each month, and after introducing themself, asks if there is any way they can support you in prayer - either for times of crisis OR times of joy!   The "wellness call" lasts about 3 - 5 minutes.  Whatever your prayer request, know that it is held in strictest confidence - even from other family members.

Home and Hospital Visitation

Chaplains will make hospital or home visits upon request.  Please call the church office to make arrangements.

Unity Healing Meditation

Chaplains conduct a monthly healing meditation service at the Church.  The meditation is usually held on the last Wednesday of each month.

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